Wow, so lazy

I have been so lazy about blogging lately. This is what happens when I get caught up in my writing.

I think I wrote that I attended a “how to sell your first book” seminar, and that the instructor, a former teacher of mine, suggested I contact two other former teachers for advance blurbs for my agent letter. Well, I finally sent the revised letter about a week ago. One teacher returned a blurb that night, while I just got the other one. Yay! I didn’t think I’d ever get that second one. Problem is now the letter is too long. Time to cut.

I don’t remember if I already wrote about this, but I decided to restructure my book (again!). Right now it sort of alternates between what I’m calling the China and adultery stories, and while the China sections were pretty much chronological, the adultery sections were not. In a way it’s interesting because certain events resonate, but it was too confusing.

So I’m putting the adultery sections in chronological order too. But the whole books open with a pivotal scene so that readers will know immediately what happened. It’s not about maintaining suspense but about exploring why this and other events happened. Also, putting these sections in order is also helping me fil in the blanks with additional anecdotes and whatnot.

I’ve also been somewhat busy with schoolwork. I had a paper due last week, and a short presentation to give this Thursday, based on a resource. I was going to look at the book on Sunday, but it was at a branch of the library that was closed. :( So I have to go at lunch today. I totally could have done it on Friday or Saturday, but I was feeling lazy.

MB is deep in music-school-world now. This weekend he got a keyboard, 61 keys. It’s fun to have a keyboard in the apartment. He’s been encouraging me to play again and bought a beginner’s classical book, saying that it was for himself to learn out of. But he totally knew I’d want to start playing those pieces, which is what I did most of yesterday afternoon. Now I want to pick up some old piano books from my parents’ house.

The only thing about the keyboard is that you can’t play louder and softer. In that way Bach is more fun to play since he wrote for the harpsichord, which also was not adjustable in terms of volume.

This weekend we saw Quaruntine, which was pretty dumb but also pretty scary. Why is people behaving like animals so disturbing? This upcoming weekend I’m taking my parents to see Chicago for my dad’s birthday. It’ll be my fourth time but I don’t mind since it’s for my dad who has never seen a Broadway musical before, and it’s one I really like. Plus I got a special deal through my credit card, $100+ tickets for $60! Orchestra seats.

Okay, work time.

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