Left out in the cold

So MB and I were supposed to hear Les Paul play at the Iridium on Monday. We had tickets for the 10 o’clock show and got to the place around 9:30. There was a line down the block, but we weren’t worried since that was how it was at the Blue Note for Bela Fleck, and the line seemed to be moving quickly.

Then not so quickly. It kept stopping and moving a little, till finally we were out there almost an hour. It was cold, and then the wind would blow, and we could feel ourselves die inside a little. When we finally got to the door, we were told that the club had oversold, and there was no room for anyone, even those with us with tickets.

The door guy was apologetic, but the guy inside the club was a jerk. He hollered at this one woman, “I didn’t sell the tickets so don’t yell at *me*!” and slammed the door in her face. Nice way to treat your customers.

We were disappointed, but we only had to come up from downtown. The guy behind us had driven in from Philadelphia.

Hope we get our money back.

~ ~ ~

In other news, I had my annual physical yesterday. Really I wanted a new Allegra prescription and that was the way to get it. But then my doctor gave me only a two month supply! GRRR!!! Luckily I only need to take the allergy medicine every other day so I can stretch it out a bit.

I had to fast since she was doing a cholesterol test. You’d think with a 10 AM appointment, it wouldn’t be so bad, but by the time she saw me – about half an hour late – I was DYING. I’m one of those people who needs to ingest coffee and a little breakfast the minute I roll out of bed. I also need to eat every 3 to 4 hours or else I get cranky.

After my exam, I rushed out and inhaled a tuna bagel and cup of coffee (mmm, tuna and coffee perfect together), and I felt amazingly better afterwards.

Today seems to be a bit warmer but it’s rainy. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be bad when we got out to New Jersey.


  1. So how do they not know when they’ve sold out? Were the folks fatter because of holiday eating and heavy coats?

    Hope you get your money back!

  2. That’s pretty shitty of the club, which one was it? I have never heard of a club overselling tickets!