I hear the secrets that you keep

Time: About midnight
Place: Bed

MB (asleep): I dreamed my alter ego believed in bubbles.
Me (half-asleep, thinks, Oh, he’s talking in his sleep again, then, Wait, that kind of made sense): Are you awake?
MB (still asleep): Yes.
Me: . . .
MB (not awake): I just felt the need to explain that to you.

He remembers none of this, btw. At one point there was also laughing, followed by, “That’s awesome!”

Either last night was a talkative night, or I’m usually asleep and don’t hear it. No more caffeine after 1 for me.


  1. Funny. I’ve always wondered what one can ask a sleeping person. Maybe you should do some more testing.

  2. Laughter is good in his sleep, maybe he was dreaming about how happy you make him :)
    I had a roomate once who talked about chinese food in her sleep, she hated chinese food when she was awake. TB once told his ex to come back in his sleep. I now try to not hear people talk in thier sleep.

  3. pandax: i will definitely try if the opportunity presents itself again (and i’m not asleep!).

    sitcomgirl: i don’t know if what anyone says in their sleep really means anything, just like in dreams.