Two things I forgot

From yesterday.

1) Remember that woman I wrote about who’s not a student but very involved with academic journals?  Well, she was in fine form yesterday.  While we were at ProQuest, she completely took over the question and answer portion of the presentation.

First she asked a long drawn-out question that wasn’t really a question but a comment.  The presenters  responded, then she counter-responded, back and forth, till it was basically like her own personal meeting the rest of us were forced to listen to.  Of course the ProQuest people were too polite to say anything.

Finally Anthony interrupted and said, “Does anyone else have any questions?” and of course someone did.

That woman gets on my nerves.  She has this snotty look on her face all the time and walks around like a princess.  During lunch when she went to get some fruit, she asked, at large, “What are these?” without looking at anyone but with an attitude like she expected everyone to answer.

2) While we were at the pub yesterday in Cambridge, we were sitting next to these young people, probably students, from the area.  There was an Asian woman who was really loud, and at one point she said, “Idaho? That’s not a real place, is it?”

Cambridge – isn’t that in Massachusetts?

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