London, Day 12

Hey whaddya know, I still have internet.  I thought it would be shut down by now.  Maybe I have it till midnight.

I’m totally coming down with a cold.  At least three of my classmates are either getting over and are in the middle of colds.  I asked the one who’s still suffering, “You came down with something?” and he said yeah, it seemed a bunch of people are sick.  I thought, Not me! and literally an hour later my throat started hurting.

The sessions today were boring as hell.  I thought the e-publishing conference would include more about books and trade publishing, but it seems to be all academic, which in small doses is fine, but for almost eight hours, is way too much.

It didn’t help that the room was too warm and I had dressed too warmly.  The temperature shot up to almost 80 today, though it’s cooler now of course.  And I was sitting next two people who didn’t think to move down into the empty seats so that we three weren’t sitting right next to each other.  As soon as a seat opened on the other end, I got up and moved.  The woman kept looking at me, and I was like, Fuck you, you didn’t think to move, I’m not going to sit up right up next to a 6 foot tall man radiating body heat in this 80 degree room.

So the cold is making me grouchy.

Afterwards I stopped at the reception for a short time, and then had dinner with one of my classmates.  We invited people, but no one showed up, and sometimes it’s easier with fewer people anyway.  We got Szechuan food, which was pretty good.  I had a sweet corn and chicken soup, very nice for my throat.

No pictures today.

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