Requirement: BE FUN

I’ve been regularly perusing the SF job listings.  This one caught my eye at first, but then upon closer inspection, it seemed horrible:

About you
* Lives to write; writes to live. You know who you are. Pencils down.

Okay, yes, that’s me.

* Has a fire in the belly. Walks through walls. Takes no prisoners. In a word: driven. Even when no one is watching. Especially then.

These sentences sum up someone I would really really hate.

* Social connector. You are the hub of your social world. You know everyone. Everyone knows you. You are the Mayor. The fun one. Diplomatic, too.

As YP put it, am I the Mayor of Fun Town? More like the Treasurer of Cynical-ville, of Leave-Me-Alone-burg, of People-Are-So-Annoying-Capital-City.

* Have more than a few years of post-graduate professional experience (existing managers have 5 to 15 years).

YES! Yay!

Other fun requirements:
* 4-year college degree
* Currently residing or open to relocating to the North Bay
* Experience with social networking, guerilla marketing tactics, and event planning

What makes these “fun” requirements? Fun requirements would be has big clown feet, or can juggle, or does a really good Fat Albert imitation. You know they put down “requirements” and thought, Oh no, the cool kids and hipsters will think we’re the man! Better stick “fun” in front of it.

Needless to say, I won’t apply. That’s what I get for looking in the marketing section.


  1. Ugh, that’s an annoying job posting. I think though, that this is this new wave of how to describe crappy jobs or something. Today in the SF CL I found an ad that obviously sounded like the firm was trying to be all “oh we are cool, not your typical law firm” but which I read as we are going to be total assholes to you. Then there was the one (I forget if it was LA or NY) that wanted someone with “Nordstrom style” people skills. WTF??? You want a retail mentality to deal with your clients?!!?
    I run from all these ads. I much prefer the NY CL ads that say we will work you to the bone, must like long hours and working weekends. At least I know what I will be getting into.

  2. By Nordstrom style, do they mean that they want a little old lady?

  3. sitcomgirl: i agree – i much prefer ads that are very straight-forward instead of all this clever/cool bullshit.

    “nordstrom style” must mean “kiss customers’ asses no matter what.” and i have to say, i do like nordstrom’s customer service.