Halloween 2009. . .thank God it’s over

Is it me or does Halloween seem more and more like New Year’s?  All the pressure, the build-up, the preparation, then – wah wah waaaah. Maybe that’s Halloween in San Francisco.

MB and I went to a party last night.  Between that and what we saw on the street, here’s my list of the Best and Worst Costumes for Halloween 2009.

Most Authentic

1950s milkman – From his cap, to the insignia above his left pocket, to his bike, this guy was the real deal.  Aside from his iPhone.

Most Subtle

House – At the party MB saw someone he knew.  “But I don’t remember him having a cane,” he said.  “Maybe he hurt himself.”  As we were talking, the guy suddenly pulled out a prescription bottle and offered us meds.  “No thanks!” we said, thinking, What a weirdo!  Suddenly, it dawned on me: “You’re House!” I cried.  Dehr.


Burger King Guy – That mask combined with the guy’s tallness and long cape was the epitome of creepiness.

Most ’80’s

Evil Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid – From his Cobra Kai karate uniform to his feathery blond wig, the guy epitomized the ’80s for me.


Knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail – They got the costumes down to the clomping of horses’ hooves.


The Naked Cowboy – This Asian dude had no problem going around in just his skivvies, a hat, a guitar, and his boots.  More power to him.


Five-way Tie:

  • Every girl who woke up and said, “I’m going as slutty this year.”
  • The guy who wrote BOOK on his face (we all saw that episode of The Office).
  • Every guy who wore regular clothes and a giant afro wig.
  • Doctors (come ON!).
  • The slutty girls (they deserve two spots).

As for me and MB, our costumes weren’t the best, but at least we tried.  MB went as a douchebag founder (picture many pink pop-up collars, flip flops with jeans, and throwing fake money everywhere), and I went as Amelia Earhart.  MB would like to remain anonymous, so here is photographic evidence of me:


I wish I could have gotten a full-length.  My regular old boots with my regular old capris worked suprisingly well together.  That hat was REALLY warm, by the way.  I could only wear it for five minutes at a time.

As for the party itself, it was pretty fun, but I got real tired around midnight.  Yes, I’m old!  We took a cab home and watched the rest of the Ghosthunters marathon, a much more fun Halloween to me.


  1. You looked awesome! And I agree… Burger King guy = every childhood nightmare I ever had. UGH!

  2. I’m going to add to your list the slutty woman who answered her door in a very slutty Dorothy costume to our little trick or treaters. WRONG WRONG WRONG MILF-Y wanna be woman, children do not need to see your giant tits spilling out!
    Your costume looks awesome :) I think Halloween in SF is way too high pressure, did you head anywhere near the Castro at all??

    • slutty dorothy interacting w/children is so wrong.

      no, we didn’t go to the castro. the party we went to was on broadway and kearney, which was insane enough as it was! plus MB’s flipflops were uncomfortable and he couldn’t walk that much. :D

  3. awesome costumes! i like MB’s as well. that’s hilarious :) i throw evil imaginary darts at every slutty girl i see on halloween.

  4. wow you really look like mom in that pic