Friday catch-up

Well, we didn’t get that apartment.  On Tuesday I got a call from one of the office managers and was very hopeful, but she then she gave me the bad news.  I guess they’re pretty strict about credit checks around here.  I was sooo disappointed.  I called back and offered a higher security deposit, but no go.  She was very nice about it though.

Luckily it turned out our landlady had a couple of one bedrooms available that was she showing that day.  We hadn’t bothered asking her because when we first visited in August, the one BR she showed us was much more than we wanted to pay.  But since we’ve been living here a while, she was able to give us a discount.

That plus the facts that we won’t have to buy furniture, the move will be even easier, there’s a laundry downstairs (none in the building we applied for), and this place is even bigger than the other one (at least I think so, but I’m spatially challenged), taking the apartment felt like a really good decision.

Added benefit: in addition to the hall closet, there’s a good-sized walk-in that can double as MB’s studio.  If that’s MB’s room, you might ask, then where’s mine?  Why, the rest of the apartment of course. ;)

The weather continues to be cold here.  I didn’t think it’d get this chilly so all I brought from New York were a bunch of hoodies and fall/spring jackets.  I’ve been wearing a hoodie-fall jacket combo, but this week it just wasn’t cutting it.  I finally broke down and got a winter coat from this sporting goods store.  It’s puffy and warm as hell.  Plus it was more than 50% off!

MB was jealous of my puffy coat so he ran out and got one too.  It’s ridiculously huge and has a fake fur trimmed hood.  He got an XL although he’s skinny so he looks like a seal hunter/pimp.  I kept pulling up other ones: “How about this one?  Here’s a large.”  But he had made his decision.  You can fit a small child under his coat but he’s toasty and that’s all he cares about.

Wednesday night we saw Silicon Valley Rocks. The bands were a mix.  The first one was very good.  The second was a trio in jumpsuits and Flock of Seagulls hair doing electronica dance music, which is really boring if you’re not a) dancing, or b) tripping on some sort of narcotic.  The third band looked like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and sort of sounded like them, but then all of their songs sounded the same.

The fourth band did all covers.  When the guy sang it was pretty good.  Their rendition of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy was fun.  But the two female singers were embarrassing.  They could definitely carry a tune, but their performances were like karaoke versions of Pat Benatar, Blondie, and why yes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  We left after that.

Yesterday I hung out with my SF pal, and this morning I had breakfast with a longtime blog bud.  We waited a while to get into Mama’s in North Beach, but it was worth it.  My Farmer’s omelet – goat cheese, bacon, baby spinach, and leeks – was really yummy, and my friend’s french toast sampler was gorgeous with fresh sliced fruit.  Plus we had fun chatting while people waited outside in the rainy cold (hey, we waited too).

The plan for today is hit the gym soon, and more writing!  I have another essay all ready to go for The Nervous Breakdown, but I want to wait till next week since it was only a week ago that I last posted.

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