New TNB post: Cyberstalking

My newest post for The Nervous Breakdown is up.  There’s also a great interview with Margaret Cho.  She rocks.

It seems the SF fall is here.  Although it’s not as cold, it rained all day yesterday, off and on.  Aournd noon the sun came out, and MB and I hurried out to get some food.  But so did everyone else so all the good restaurants were crowded.  We ended up getting huevos rancheros at Nick’s Crispy Tacos.  Spicy and good!

I wrote a lot yesterday.  I’m sort of obsessed with writing essays for The Nervous Breakdown.  Although I have just two up right now, I have three in draft form, and at least two others pretty well-formed in my head.  They ask that we post at least once a month, which is no problem.  I just don’t want to post too often so I’m trying to spread my writings out.

The next piece I want to put up is Christmas in China.  I’m having my usual trouble – trying to fit in too many themes into 2000 words (or fewer).  But I find it’s easier just to write the whole thing, then start trimming (like a tree! ho ho ho).

I also have two short articles to write, one on acne and the other on hair loss.  Yes, I picked them.  But it was either those or stuff about tanning beds, hair salon equipment, or, get this, puppy acne.  Is this a thing?  Puppy acne???

Okay, back to work.

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  1. I’ve got kitty acne going on at my house, so it makes sense that puppies would get it too. I think you should write about kitty acne, it’s FASCINATING!
    Off to read your cyberstalking article :)