100 ATRO: #99 Taking a shower after the gym

In case you don’t know, “1000 ATRO” stands for “1000 Awesome Things Rip-Off,” an idea I, well, totally ripped off from this guy.

The long hot shower after the workout is the best part of the workout.  It’s the relaxing, refreshing reward for dragging your ass to the gym and slogging through four miles on the treadmill.  It’s a shower you deserve.

Especially wonderful is the taste of salt running into your mouth when you’ve had a really hard run.  The taste of salt is the taste of victory.

The showers at my work gym were actually pretty nice.  Not Chelsea Piers nice, but they were clean (for the most part) and had all the amenities: body wash, shampoo, conditioner (though I used my own stuff since their quality was crap) lotion, and hair dryers.  Of course you couldn’t luxuriate in the work gym shower.  Most likely you were rushing back because of some dumb meeting or conference call.

Weekends I ran in Central Park, I would delay bathing till after my run in the late afternoon.  That’s how much I loved the post-run shower.  I wanted to be especially grimy so that I had to wash my hair twice.  It was sooo satisfying.

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  1. Amen. I agree 100% with this very simple but great pleasure.