Ah, the weekend is here!

This morning I woke up and wondered if I had to go to work.  Then I decided to get up although it was only 7:30.  I knew if I let myself fall back asleep, I’d feel all groggy.

We don’t have any huge plans and that’s fine by me.  Today MB is meeting a friend so I’ll take that opportunity to go to the gym, which I haven’t done since Thursday, and get a dress for my cousin’s wedding in a couple of weeks.  I brought two dresses with me, but guess what – they’re too small!  I mean, I can fit into them, but they’re not the most comfortable and don’t look so great.  Le sigh.

Thursday my SF pal and I saw the Musee D’Orsay Impressionist exhibit at the de Young.  It was very nice though quite crowded.  As at the last exhibit we went to, every retired person in the Bay area seemed to be there.  For some reason, I especially love the still lifes of fish, birds, and other animals – I don’t mean live fish, birds, and other animals.  Sounds weird written out like that.

Starting in September is a Post-Impressionist exhibit: Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne, and Beyond.  I’m so there!

Friday I had a shortened day at work, but by the time I got back home, it was almost five so I didn’t bother going to the gym.  Plus I had a ginormous headache.

Last night we stayed in and watched Up on Netflix.  I cried SO MUCH.  I knew that beginning section would be sad, but I didn’t expect to cry buckets.  It was a really good movie.

In writing news, drumroll please. . . .I won a writing contest!

I knew I was a finalist, and on Thursday I got an email saying that I had actually won.  I was really, really surprised.  I thought, Maybe I’ll be a runner-up or get an honorable mention.  I really didn’t expect to win first place.

I’ll put up details once the contest’s website is updated, to make it all official.


  1. Yeay! Congrats!!! You are an awesome writer, so it’s no huge surprise you won :) Can’t wait to read that piece.