100 ATRO: #94 Watching people run for the bus

It’s that time again!

If you didn’t already know, ATRO stands for Awesome Things Rip-Off because I totally ripped off the idea from this guy.

Not only have you gotten a seat, you’ve gotten a window seat.  You’re peacefully listening to your iPod and daydreaming when from the corner of your eye you see a swiftly moving figure.  Is it a mugger with a lady’s purse?  Or someone taking their morning jog to a whole new level?  No, this person is running for the bus.

What is it about seeing someone going all out and positively sprinting to catch the 47?  Maybe it’s because the last time we ran like that, presuming we’ve not had a bear chasing us down recently, was when we were kids.  Running just for the hell of it, to see how fast we could go – running so fast we thought our legs might fall off and maybe, just maybe, we’d take flight.

Sure, the person is running because they’ll be late for a job they might hate, but in the moment all you think is, Go! Go! You can make it!

How about when it’s your turn?  The other day I had one minute to catch the train.  As I bounced on my toes waiting for the light to change, I checked the time.

“We might be able to make it,” the lady next to me said.

She was someone I’d seen on the bus every day, but had never made eye contact.  Now we were smiling and laughing, getting ready to book it to the 8:44.

The light changed to yellow, then red.  Ready, set, GO!


  1. You cannot leave us in suspense like that. Did you catch it?