Confessions of an Asian groupie

Some of you may know that MB is semi-famous.  That is, he’s famous in his very narrow, very weird little world of his industry.  Sometimes people recognize him on the street.  He has over 5,000 followers on Twitter (I have 60).  He has been asked to autograph certain female body parts.

But he has about as many haters as he has fans.  He writes controversial pieces, is outspoken, and sometimes gets into it with certain people.  The haters don’t resist personal attacks, especially from under a cloak of anonymity, and so he’s always tried to keep me separate from his more well-known persona.

But apparently this hasn’t stopped the rumors.  One of his friends interviewed at a well-known place, and somehow MB came up in the conversation.  The guy interviewing asked, “Have you seen MB’s girlfriend?  She’s supposed to be an [industry] groupie.”

Me, a groupie?

For some reason, this cracks me up.  Number one, I barely understand what MB even does, and number two, when I think groupie, I think lithe young hottie in a barely-there skirt, trying to land the next Mark Zuckerberg.  Not an almost 40-year old who till fairly recently earned six figures and is making a nice little name for herself in her own industry (if I do say so myself).

To think that there are groupies at all in MB’s line of work is hilarious.  But I guess there could be in any field, not just entertainment.  Professors certainly have groupies, as do famous authors.  I remember a co-worker at my old company was VERY excited to ride in the elevator once with our CEO.  Keep in mind, we worked in pharmaceuticals.  PHARMACEUTICALS.  About as unsexy as you can get, and yet you’d think she had just seen Brad Pitt.

I wonder how the rumor started.  Did people just assume because of MB’s pseudo rock star image (an image perpetuated as a huge joke mostly by himself) that of course he’d be shtupping one of his fan girls?  Or maybe once someone caught a glimpse of me, saw that I was Asian, and assumed I was one of those trophy wives/girlfriends?

Who knows?  It’s actually not worth thinking about too much.  Just something highly amusing, and maybe for a moment I can pretend I’m a skanky gold digger.  Isn’t that every woman’s dream?


  1. lol @ the skanky gold digger comment. Yes, it’s true.
    As for your semi-famous man… now I’m just super curious about who he is and if I know him (kind of like that catch-the-bus scenario). Your blog always keeps me guessing.
    I think the word groupie has turned into something that no one really knows the meaning of. Groupies are rarely 18 year old blonde hippies who live in vans and never shower. It’s thrown around a lot. I don’t take it too seriously. A friend once told me I was an iPhone groupie (if people think I’d sell my soul for someone, I’d wish they’d think I’d sell it for Ian Somerhalder and not an electronic device).

  2. We are the new type of groupies. The almost 40, cute but not skanky, successful in their own right type.
    I hate hate hate hate that word so much, but alas, that is exactly what people say to my face when they meet me.
    I say we take back the word and make it powerful (sorta like Pamela Des Barres did).

    • raz, i totally thought of your while i wrote this post.

      we should definitely take back the term. and in a way i *am* a groupie, sort of after the fact. i have to admit when i miss MB, i Google him and look at old pictures and see what people are saying about him! is that crazy? perhaps.