More crazy search terms

In addition to seeing how many (possible) visitors come to my blog, I like seeing the search terms that bring people here.

Some of them aren’t surprising, like my name, and books and movies, but some are really interesting while other have me wondering what people are thinking.

  • asian groupie
  • skinny asian sluts
  • “the social network” groupie

These bring folks to my posts about being a groupie and The Social Network.  Guess I’m not the only one who finds this topic fascinating (though not so much “skinny asian sluts”).

  • mary karr david foster wallace

I Googled this myself when I first read Mary Karr’s Lit.  Yes, they dated, back in the day.

  • ss officer
  • ss girl

These bring up my Tokyo pictures of a Harajuku girl dressed up in Nazi regalia.  I don’t want to know why people are looking for this.

  • kiss shoes
  • tokyo clothes
  • harajuku boys

More Tokyo references.

  • crazy chinese mom

Presumably refers to all the hubbub over Amy Chua’s parenting methods.

  • im not your typical asian american female

Me either!  Hence, this poem.

  • essay about a girl who was so upset decided enough is enough

That sounds like an interesting essay!

  • worrying is like a rocking chair

Yes it is.

  • donna sadowsky
  • wo ai ni mommy

People who search these terms will find my review of the documentary, and Donna Sadowsky herself chewing me out.

  • 100 awesome things

I’m guessing people mean “1000 Awesome Things” and type 100 by mistake, and get my rip-off list instead.

  • girl dies hair caught in treadmill

Scarily quite common.

  • angela alien vs predator

I have no idea what this can be referring to.

  • why are women so secretive about their periods

I think the real question is why would any man want to know all about women’s periods?  I figured they’d just want to know, “I have my period,” “I’m about to have my period,” or “My period is late.” By the way, this search term also brings up: Asian Women- Every Caucasian’s Secret Desire.

I don’t want to know.

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  1. “angela alien vs predator”/i>

    I can only speculate:

    My google-fu tells me that “alien vs predator” is some kinda book/game/movie franchise, with “alexa” as a main character. Maybe someone misremembered the character’s name while on a search for some interplanetary soft p0rn, ending up at your site instead…

    … and then stuck around for the slutty-asian-nazi groupies.