Finally catching up

That was a long two weeks.

Work was quite busy, though in a good way.  I am getting a handle on striking a balance between trying to do a good job in my expanded role, and becoming completely obsessed and neglecting my own projects.  That being said, this weekend will be all about catching up with my own stuff, namely:

1) Work on my novel. I always save new versions of my writing with the date that I last worked on it, so I was disheartened to see the last time I worked on my novel was May 31.  My goal today is to finish this particular section, a flashback/background, so that tomorrow I can get into the real story more.  (I am of course being purposefully vague here, not ready to talk about the specifics of the novel, but happy to blab about the process.)

2) Write this blog post. My goal is to post twice a week. Yay, I met my goal!

3) Update outdated stuff on my website. In case you’re wondering, I am not still reading The Devil’s Rooming House.  I’ve read about three books since.  Also, the stuff on my home page needs to be refreshed, specifically The Bellingham Review!

The Spring 2011 issue is now available. You’ll find great prose and poetry, as well as the winners of the 2010 contests, including my essay, “An Old Man on the Frontier Loses His Horse,” first place winner of the Annie Dillard Award in Creative Nonfiction.

The website isn’t updated yet (they usually put one or two pieces in full on their site), but you can order or subscribe now.

4) Work out. Not sure this will happen.  The first three goals take priority, but at least I think I’ll be able to do yoga at home.

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