New blog: Punching and Kicking

Because I don’t have enough distractions from my writing, I’ve decided to start a new blog dedicated solely to krav maga. I’ve moved my krav maga-related posts over there, and also retroactively added a bunch of filler posts called “Today’s class,” which track the different combatives and defense techniques I learned that day.

I’ll probably also post about women and fighting, like 17-year old girl boxer, “T-Rex,” who is headed to the Olympics. If this interest seems sudden, it’s actually not. I’ve been a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan from way back, and have always enjoyed martial arts movies. Now I’m even more interested in the intricacies of the fighting, especially since I’ll (probably) test for my yellow belt in September.

Anyway, hope you enjoy some Punching and Kicking!


  1. You should test for your yellow belt, and keep going all the way to your black belt. I took Hapkido many years ago and what I learned back then is still part of my reflexes. Weird how that works…

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Tom! Let’s see if I even pass my yellow belt first. :) Isn’t that crazy how muscle memory works? MB did martial arts many years ago as well, and it still all comes back to him very quickly. Ditto for me and piano. I’m rusty at first, but after a while, it’s like I never stopped playing.