Another bus story

Yesterday on the bus, a homeless guy came up to me and said, “Young lady, can me and my girlfriend slide in there?”

I stared at him. What he meant was can you move over so that we can have your seat. Oh hell no! I first thought. While my seat wasn’t the best one on the bus, it was maybe third best. Also: first come first serve.

On the other hand, I didn’t really want to get into it with the two toothless homeless people who reeked of alcohol. So I begrudgingly said, “Sure,” and slid over.

Only afterward I realized: He called me young lady!

You can have my seat for that, toothless sir.


  1. Here’s the comment hurled at me on the street, by someone probably troubled by schizophrenia: “You are a prophet of God, but now you have to spend all your time with reprobates!”