At the airport

I’m finally on my way to Madrid.

Like last year’s trip to Paris and London, YP was planning a trip to Spain anyway and was kind enough to invite me along. And as in Paris, he was successful in finding someone willing to swap apartments with him, which means free housing for us for most of the trip.

Taking the bus to the BART was such a good idea. I can’t believe I didn’t remember it until the last minute. I thought, Wow, that would be dumb if the taxi showed up at the same time as the bus, and then thought: oh yeah the bus!

I always imagine everything will be a nightmare, but it hasn’t been (so far). While the BART was crowded at first, it cleared out pretty fast and I was able to have a seat for most of the ride. Check-in and security were also easy. Maybe because it was so early.

Now I have an hour before boarding. So far I’ve peed once, called Mom, had 3/4’s of a breakfast burrito and coffee, and played on my phone. I need some water but I’m not ready to get up yet. After this blog post.

I should also get a little cash so I don’t have to worry about it after I get home. And I want some tea, and I should pee again.

I managed to get all my stuff in one small suitcase (free checked bag!) and my backpack. I brought less stuff than I did to Paris. Now that I know our “host” will probably provide towels, I didn’t bring one. And summer clothes and shoes take up less space than warmer ones. Surprisingly I’m wearing jeans now. I usually don’t like wearing them on the plane, but these are pretty comfortable, especially since I lost a little weight.

Although right now my stomach is a bit bloated from the breakfast burrito.

In this really nice terminal I don’t mind hanging out for a while. I realized I’m also better traveling early in the day than at night. At night I’m just so exhausted. In the morning I’m energized and caffeinated, and everything seems great.

YP isn’t flying out until 7:30 PM. He texted me a little while ago that he still hasn’t packed yet. But he’s had a lot to do in terms of getting his apartment ready.

This trip I was planning on working on revising my book. I really should. I wonder if I’ll be able to charge my laptop on the plane. Some flights offer that now.

I hope getting to my connecting flight won’t be a nightmare.

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