Taiwan: Gardens + parks

Taiwan is a subtropical island, which means lots of rain. That also means lots of lush gardens and parks.

Jian Guo Weekend Flower Market

I know, I know, not technically a garden or a park, but the Jian Guo Weekend Flower Market was kind of like an indoor garden (and it doesn’t fit anywhere else).

Of course I wasn’t there to buy anything but just to partake in the beautiful wares:

It was next to two other markets, jade and “artists.” Those were less interesting to me. I also used the bathroom at the market, and, since this was early on in my trip, was very surprised to find squat toilets. What is this mainland China?! At least they were free.

Da’An Forest Park

I enjoyed this park so much, I went twice. The highlights were seeing these kids practicing a cheerleading routine (seems to be a thing in Taipei) and hearing these crazy birds making weird ass noises.

There was also this large statue of what I’m guessing is the Goddess of Mercy.

Taipei Botanical Garden

I loved this garden too. It was so lush and peaceful. I encountered more weird animal noises. Frogs maybe?

And I got caught in a sudden rainstorm, which, like large groups of all-gender cheerleaders, seems to be a thing in Taipei. Luckily I had my umbrella so it was rather lovely standing under the shelter of a tree surrounded by the rain.

And the rest

I visited a few other parks, which I unfortunately can’t remember the names of. There was this small one:

I also visited Waishuangxi Park (but neglected to take any pictures) and the Treasure Hill Artist Village, which unfortunately was closed the day I went but still had a nice view.

Also randomly, I visited the Guandu Nature Park. This was on the day I tried to go to the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology. Emphasis on “tried.” It seemed to be only an hour away by subway from where I was. Only when I was almost there did I realize I would have to take another bus to get to the museum, which was almost an hour, and by then, it was about 90 minutes before closing.

I was so frustrated, I almost just turned around and went back to the hotel, but then decided I had to check out that area since I had schlepped out there. I found the little downtown area and, thankfully, a Starbucks. I got a yogurt drink, used the bathroom, and settled in to charge my phone and read.

When I was at 90%, I headed out to the park. It was cute and nice to be around nature and more weird animal noises.

Next: a semi-weird trip to Beitou.

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