COVID-19 Diaries: A decision made for me

Recently I’ve been wondering if I should go to my mom’s house in New Jersey. I especially wonder when I see, say on Instagram, someone else visiting their parents in the suburbs. However, I’m hesitant and nervous. What’s public transporation like? Is it safe? Also, and more importantly, God forbid I’m an asymptomatic carrier or pick up something during my trip and give it to my mother.

Finally, the other day, I checked the website of the bus I usually take for any travel advisories. There was nothing, but then I saw that my bus line, and many lines, weren’t even running.

Of course that doesn’t make it impossible for me to. I could take the train. But that station is about 20 minutes from my mother’s while the bus stop is literally walking distance.

A decision made for me. It’s really a huge relief.

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