COVID-19: A plan to leave (temporarily)

I’ve been extra anxious lately. Because of the looting (the store hasn’t been hit, at least not yet), the curfew, the oncoming summer and along with that, the idea of being cooped up in my hot apartment day after day.

Until recently I’ve actually been pretty okay staying at home. It’s been cozy. But now I’m starting to feel claustrophobic.

I emailed the bus line to my mom’s, asking when they thought they’d start running again. I didn’t expect to hear from them at all, but then I did: June 15. I was so happy to hear that, partly because it’s not too far away and because it’s perfect timing. My niece’s first birthday is June 18, and my brother and sister-in-law are planning on FaceTiming her dol, a Korean tradition in which a baby picks an object that supposedly determines her future. I figured if I’m at my mom’s, we can watch it together.

Something to look forward to.

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