Mar 10


So I was up till two last night because, like a dumb dumb, I had a strong coffee late in the afternoon.  I couldn’t help it!  I love Philz.

Update on the cruise saga: I found one that fits the dates my parents are looking for, and departs from Los Angeles.  I gave the info to my mom, and also let her know that I don’t want to go.

“I thought you wanted to go!” she said.

“For about a second,” I said.  She laughed.

My parents understand that I find cruises really really boring.  Of course they’re disappointed that we won’t be joining them, but they won’t make us do anything that we don’t find fun.  Now they just need to decide if they want to do that cruise.

Because I had decided not to stick around the week after my cousin’s wedding, I could make our flight arrangements.  They were pretty cheap – less than $300 round trip for two people.  Makes sense.  The flight’s just an hour, but over Thanksgiving the tickets were almost $400 per person, I guess because we were flying into a different airport and it was the holidays.

We were going to stay with my brother but then thought the hotel would be easier.  The wedding’s right downstairs so we don’t have to worry about transportation.  I thought the hotel was $150 a night, but it turned out my cousin had a discount code, so the price was cheaper.

I love getting a good deal.

In other news, I’m officially addicted to the Harry Potter books.  I read my first, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (out of order because I picked up a free copy from the “library” in my building’s laundry room), and I loved it!  I was surprised.  Although it moves fast, it doesn’t feel like a kids’ book.  I’ll try to get the others from the library.  Now I’m reading Persuasion, which is no Harry Potter but still enjoyable.

I have an essay to hand in today, as well as possibly some more ideas to another magazine.  I’ve decided, since my writing site is static now and I have essays that I’ve written that don’t necessarily fit anywhere, I’m going to start posting them on my writing site.  The first is a write-up of my experience at the Korean spa with ES back in February.  Enjoy the naked reading!