Dancing, noodles, coffee

Last night I saw the So You Think You Can Dance dancers in concert.

Although I felt like a loser sitting there with all the teeny boppers, it was pretty fun overall. The theatre seats 5,600 and was PACKED to the gills. We were very far away. Like we needed binoculars. Luckily S. brought a pair.

The 40-something mother of two in front of us was WAY too into Travis, clapping super hard and pumping her fist in the air whenever he came on. Yikes.

Then again, pot. Kettle. Black.

Although I had dinner before, when the show let out at 10:30, I was STARVING, and so stopped in Koreantown at my favorite cha-jang myun place. If you don’t already know, cha-jang myun is noodles with black bean sauce.

Koreans call this dish “Chinese food,” but I’ve never seen it on any menu in Chinatown, or in China for god’s sake. So I was surprised to overhear the waitress at the restaurant actually speaking in Mandarin. Hmm, now I’m really confused.

Tonight I’m going out for a change. PL’s literary magazine is holding a reading, and then we’re going out to eat afterwards. Yay!

Since I was out late last night and will be up past my bedtime tonight, I’m having some for-real coffee. Usually I never would, if I wanted to get to sleep on time. ::hyperhyperhyper!::

Heading out to the ‘rents tomorrow. Change of scenery.

MySpace bites the big one.


  1. I never knew the name of that Korean dish and when you wrote it, before you came to explaining it’s a Chinese dish, I recognized the Chinese sounds! It sounds an awful lot like “Ja Jiang Mein” on Chinese menus but is quite a bit different. JJM isn’t black-bean sauce (that’s just too salty!) but this tomato-like stir-fry with pork and some vegs laid over noodles. I don’t have a Chinese inputter here but JJM translates literally to “fried sauce noodles.”

  2. I’m actually jealous — which is pathetic.

    I wasn’t able to get tickets for the dance tour when they make the pit stop in Toronto…the day before my birthday, to boot. I was on a plane the day the tickets went on sale and my sister said she’d tried to get the tickets, but they sold out within minutes.

    But I think I would have been one of those stupid people who was too into it, too.

  3. wyn: the chinese version of jjm sounds good! and yes, that black bean sauce is pretty darned salty, but sometimes salty hits the spot. :)

    anon writer: too bad you couldn’t get tickets! as for being too into the show, i have to admit i did get tingles a few times, like when benji and donielle did the viennaese waltz to that bryan adams song.