Excess baggage

This morning I bit the bullet and got on the scale. My suspicions were right: I’ve gained some weight.

Yesterday my suit pants, which were practically falling off me in May, fit much better. That gave me a clue as to my extra poundage. (You’d think the brownies and chips and gelato would be enough.) Plus a feeling of general fatness.

This summer I was very lax with my workouts. I went from a strict five times a week to a lazy maybe three. Plus I had changed my schedule, going to the gym in the afternoons, which allowed me to rationalize having a sandwich at 5 before my workout, and then dinner at home around 7:30 or 8.

An extra meal a day + junky indulgences + fewer workouts = excess baggage

It’s just a few pounds so I’m not panicking. I know I just need to cut out desserts for a while as well as those extra meals. Plus exercising in the mornings will be better for me because:

1) I’ll get it overwith and won’t have the chance to miss a workout because of a late day at the office
2) I’ll feel calmer and more centered for the rest of the day
3) It’ll rev up my metabolism for several waking hours
4) I won’t feel the need for the extra meal in the late afternoon
5) I’m more energized in the morning and usually have better runs than in the 5 to 7 PM time period

On another only slightly related note, I hate it when people make sex noises when they work out. Am I at the gym or on a porn set?



  1. “I hate it when people make sex noises when they work out.”

    That’s funny. It reminds of me of when tennis players began grunting during long rallies. It’s annoying but it’s supposed to be better for the exertion. At least, that’s what was claimed.

  2. i’ve been feeling the same and knowing the reasons why too. annoying but not the end of the world.

    yeah the sex noises at the gym are just too much.

  3. Sex noises at the gym? Interesting. What kind of noises exactly? What kind of gym are you going to??!!

    Working out in the morning is by far the best way to go for me too. It’s way too easy to talk myself out of it in the afternoon.

    I also need to get back on the bandwagon.

  4. You have the sensible approach to getting rid of those pounds so go get ’em!

    Further, regularly weighing yourself in junction with a flexible attack plan is a good tool for maintenance – I know you can’t be a slave to the scale but just in case your jeans are falling down not because you’ve lost weight but they are just stretching, scales are more impartial.

  5. hemlock: it’s just a regular old gym. :) even more conservative than a regular gym since it’s part of the company.

    i guess when i hear sounds of exertion, i think of sex, especially when they’re repititive.

    wyn: you’re totally right re: the scale. i used to be very good about checking in regularly. somewhere over the summer, i fell out of the habit.