Obsessed with Heroes

I’m addicted to that new show Heroes. I love that the characters are just learning about their superpowers, not quite sure what they’re capable of, as well as the mystery around why they suddenly have these abilities, who the bad guy is, and the coming of the apacolypse.

Another small thing I enjoy is that when Hiro (yes, not too original but I still buy it) and his friend speak Japanese, the subtitles are more like comic book speech bubbles rather than traditional subtitles. Love it!

I’m so bummed that I missed this week’s episode, though apparently you can watch it online. Should I close my door and pretend I have a meeting or conference call, and instead watch TV? So tempting. . .

S. likes the show too, and he told me that Peter’s power is actually not flight but the ability to mimic others’ powers. That got me thinking: from the glimpses we’ve seen of the bad guy, he seems to have all the abilities of the collective heroes. In last week’s episode, he somehow knew where that little girl was (like the psychic cop), he survived getting shot (like the cheerleader), and he seemed to fly away (like Peter’s brother).

Perhaps Peter will turn evil and is actually the bad guy who has traveled back in time, like Hiro? “I didn’t recognize you without your scar,” he told Peter on the frozen subway. Hmm. . .

S. and I were joking that it was amazing that Hiro had spent enough time in the future to 1) learn English perfectly, 2) get a makeover, and 3) become a ninja, and yet not age a bit.

I missed the show because I was at a PEN American Center literary reading honoring the winners of the Beyond Marigns awards, which goes to outstanding writers of color. It was pretty good, though one guy gave answers that absolutely no sense. Another, Andrew Lam, gave pithy, well-thought out responses. I’m interested now in reading his memoir, Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora. Another book to the every-growing list.

I’ve been very good this week about getting up early and hitting the gym before work. (Four miles on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, elliptical today.) I’ve also signed up for two RoadRunners races to qualify for next year’s marathon, the Race to Deliver, 4 miles, on 11/19, and a holiday 4 miler on 12/2. But I forgot that I have to meet my mom at Penn Station at some point during the day. I hope it’s in the afternoon.


  1. I keep forgetting about this show. I already have one tv show per night from Sunday to Thursday. Maybe I’ll catch up when it starts over again during the repeat months. Your descriptions confirm the buzz.

  2. OK, I think I need to scope this show out! You’re the second person to blog about it in 24 hours! Crazy.

  3. Heroes is the only show Hubs and I are both into (besides Lost). I was a little surprised when he said he liked it (half of the reason I watch it is to see Milo).

    Can’t wait to see the scar…hopefully it’s not too insane and adds to his face.

    Project Runway finale tonight! Who are you rooting for?

  4. Heroes is such a cool show! (The premiere episode was a a little graphic for my tastes and some of the subsequent ones, too.) It is great suspense and drama every week.

  5. Haven’t seen the Heroes show, but I like the new name of your blog (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was my favorite movie when I was a kid).

  6. I am completely obsessed with Heroes too! I’m probably investing my energies in a show that will get cancelled in a few minutes – but I can’t help it (I hope this one survives, but it’s so out there). I always obsess over shows that get cancelled before they have a chance – Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and the cartoon version of Clerks, just to name a few.