Writing and running

This weekend was all about NaNoWriMo and the NYC marathon.

As per my trusty NaNoWriMo word counter to the right, I’m currently at 10,926, putting me about 2,000 words ahead of schedule. Of course cranking out the words during the week is tough with the job and all, but this weekend it was easy.

On Saturday I got in my word quota by about 11:30, having gotten up at 7. I didn’t work continuously for four and a half hours. I tend to write in bursts, interspersed with some staring-into-space-and-thinking, which looks a lot like doing nothing, and pure procrastination. An example of the latter:


The pretentious title I came up with for this concoction is “NaNoWriMo Triptych: Fuel, Tool, Inspiration.”

By the time I finished, I needed to get out of the apartment so I checked out the exhibits at Asia Society. They were okay. I took a bunch of pictures before being told by the security guard that I wasn’t allowed. Whoops.

I wanted to check out the Picasso and American Art exhibit at the Whitney, but there was a line out the door. Next time.

Sunday took me a little longer to get my word count in since I also needed to clean my apartment and see the marathon. I went out at about 12:30, first to 1st Avenue which, on the Upper East Side, marks miles 17, 18, and 19. I live slightly west of mile 17.5. I climbed onto a lamppost to take some pictures.


Hello, guy in red.

Next I hoofed it to Central Park, which marks miles 23, 24, 25, and 26. I stood at about mile 24.


I love the runners against the fall foliage.

Last year I watched at the same spot but a couple of hours later, so it was a different population. Some of the participants looked like they had never run before, or had gotten up that morning and thought, Think I’ll run the marathon today. But I shouldn’t knock them because there they had it to mile 24.

I’m determined to run the race next year. I thought completing 9 RoadRunners races before November 2007 would qualify me, but I read that incorrectly. I would have had to do 9 races by the end of 2006. Obviously that’s not gonna happen.

Another option for guaranteed entry is to do it for charity, which is what I should have done this year. Team Fox, of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, strikes a chord with me. Plus I like the name – Team Fox! Like we’re all fighter jets or something.

Somehow I hurt my leg while I was cleaning. I must have been in a weird position and stretched too far to attack a dust bunny. So now I’m limping around like I ran the marathon. Whatta joke.


  1. You can always tell people you busted up your leg running on the weekend…

    Congrats on getting past your word count!!

  2. funny how doing some of the most mundane things can lead to more injury than doing something strenuous.

    good luck on getting prepped for the race next year!

  3. I’m inspired to go and be a spectator in the next big marathon in Vancouver but, oops, I’m participating (in the concurrent half-marathon). =P
    It sounds like you had a really wonderful New York weekend. =)

  4. What would I give to run in such lovely weather and in Central Park?!?!

  5. Oops! The last comment was from me.