Gilmore Girls: Why hast thou forsaken me?

First things first. I still love the Gilmore Girls, and will always love the Gilmore Girls, just the way I’ll always love Buffy, in spite of that boring and disappointing last season.

But how come nothing is happening? Where’s the tension, the drama? Will Lorelai and Christopher really end up together? My biggest fear is that this is actually the last season and that they will.

It’s nice that they seem in love and are going to Paris. Too nice, if you ask me. I keep waiting for something bad to happen. Wanting it actually.

What am I talking about? It’s not nice they seem in love. I want Luke and Lorelai together! They’re supposed to be together. Their names alliterate and everything.

I’m glad that Luke and April are getting along so well. It’s sweet – and borderline sickening. But just borderline. And thank GOD Luke’s date turned out badly. We needed some negativity to balance out the Stars Hollow universe.

And hello, nice bod, Luke. He needs a better haircut – that longish do just emphasizes the fact that he’s balding – but that relatively toned tummy was a nice surprise.

As for Heroes, I wasn’t able to stay up and watch it. Can you believe it? By 9 I was ready to crawl into bed, like yesterday. I *have* been very good about getting up at 5 these mornings to run before work so that’s probably why I’m pooping out so early.


  1. we *have* to run in the mornings since it gets dark at frickin’ 5pm now!

    …get writing, your word count is looking low. :)

  2. It’s reallly ashame that Amy is no longer writing for the show. As I watched last night I felt something lacking. It’s weak how they try to keep Lane in the show, and I still don’t understand why Logan had to (essentially) leave.

    Heros was good. I don’t want to spoil it for you. The trailer for next week was also intriguing. :D

  3. Getting up at 5? Way to go, send me some inspiration to get up….!

    I’m more of a recent Gilmore Girls fan and am part of the smaller Lorelai-Chris camp. I think it’s intensely sweet how they have stayed in touch, touching base at the important points, high school sweethearts and all that. I want to see them together in the end because of their long past and they are the cuter couple. =P

    But like you, I am totally expecting the other shoe to fall. It’s gotta screw up somehow.

  4. jayfish: isn’t the early darkness depressing? as for my word count, i’ll have you know i’m still 611 words ahead, thank you very much!

    pandax: i thought i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference after palladino left, but i totally can.

    i’m so glad they rerun heroes online. i’m gonna catch it after hours hopefully. ;)

    wyn: i can see where you’re coming from re: lorelai and chris. i guess i’m on the luke-lorelai side because i’ve watched them pine after each other since pretty much since the beginning of the show.

  5. Sorry, but I am on the Lore-Chris team. There is something sad and tragic about them in that they clearly love each other but the ‘timing’ never worked for them. It’s all about the timing!

    I suppose I could just be feeling nostalgic about a relationship in my life in which the feelings were there but the timing wasn’t right…for ten years! And so I am hoping it will work out with these two characters (since it didn’t for me – don’t get me wrong though, I lurve my Hubbie, he is the best!).

    Also – I did want Lorelai and Luke to be together but once they were, I didn’t think they had much chemistry. Chris seems a more natural fit than Luke ever did.

    Good job getting up to run!