ANTM & other stuff


I’m so glad they kicked Anchal off. I liked her in the beginning but now think she’s a whiner. “Wah, I’m fat. Wah, I used to run.” So run! And stop eating ice cream! I run my butt off and try not to eat ice cream and I’m no model.

Hate Melrose, love the twins. I also like CariDee and really wish they hadn’t kicked off Brooke last week.

Sometimes I feel like Tyra’s critiques are BS. Like that stuff about worrying that CariDee didn’t listen to Jay or the instructors in that simulated skydiving thing. Seemed as though she just needed something negative to say and was grasping at straws.

I liked Gabrielle Reece and her feedback for the girls. But she’s definitely a poster woman for SPF protection.

~ ~ ~

Looking forward to upcoming plans.

Friday: Y. and I are going to our coworker’s concert. She’s the opera singer.
This weekend: Nothing exciting. Laundry and NaNoWriMo at the ‘rents’.
Monday: Y.’s comedy gig

Next weekend: Canstruction and the Race to Deliver
11/21 thru 11/23: ES crashing with me. I’d like to see the inflating of the Thanksgiving parade balloons Wednesday night. We may also go to the actual parade on Thursday.
Thanksgiving weekend: ‘rents’

12/1: Volunteer at the Small Press Center’s Book Fair
12/2: RoadRunners 4-mile holiday run
12/3: Volunteer at Book Fair

12/6-12/12: L.A. Woohoo! I’ll see my bro, my grandmother, my mom (who will be there at the same time), and my cousin, who’ll pop her first kid around Christmas.

12/16: Possibly see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Yes, you read that right. But it’s more for the group outing experience with my aunt, mom, and cousins.

Okay, that’s enough OCD planning.


  1. Unrelated comment… I was cleaning up my old blog links. Have you seen what’s happened to your old website?

  2. weird! maybe they latch onto old unused urls?

    you had me scared there a minute, pandax. i thought it was going to be something disturbing. ;) whew!

  3. haven’t watched antm yet, but yeah, anchal was getting really annoying with her constant insecurity. but i do like melrose, she does her thing and the other girls be damned.

  4. Yeah – I try to root for the Asian sister but Anchal HAD to go. Insecurity is NOT attractive.

    Although part of me felt bad for her. I’ve got 10+ years on her that have given me life experience to have the self confidence I have. To be honest, I may not have been so different than her at that age.

    That’s why I love getting older (besides the whole crappy egg thing, but that’s another issue!)! I would never want to be 20 again.

  5. zerodoll: i like that aspect of melrose too, but i wish she wouldn’t badmouth the other girls behind their backs. also, i don’t like her fake surprise/humility when she wins.

    chloe: that’s a really good point. i was probably equally, if not more, insecure as anchal at 20. an excellent plus for each passing year!

  6. Waaaaaah! It FIGURES that you’d be in L.A. when I am still in Thailand. At least there are some positions open at CU, so I’ll be back on the Right Coast for interviews (knock on wood). I hope we can meet over coffee or Thai food or something! Ciao!

  7. token asian: that would be fun! let me know when you’re in nyc.

  8. wow! lots of exciting stuff coming up. there’s always so much going on this time of year