Random TV mishmash

Television seemed really good this week, or maybe for some reason I was more susceptible.

Veronica Mars
I’ve grown to love this show, but I can’t get over that most of the actors look so much older than their characters.
I’m afraid I’m not loving anyone this season. I want to root for the twins, but while they rock most of their pictures, they haven’t wowed me in other ways. I was all for CariDee for a while, but now she kind of freaks me out. As for Jaeda, it’s about time, though I feel bad she had to kiss that racist asshole.
Top Chef
Okay, Sam is a total freakin’ hotty. The fat camp girl and I agree. Ilan is a cutie too, and while I liked Mia in the beginning, now I think she’s two-faced.

I believe Betty didn’t maliciously cheat, but she had to realize she was trying to get away with something by replacing the Splenda with real sugar.

As for Marcel, he’s a complete dick but it was pretty hilarious when he referred to Betty as his “arch nemesis” and likened being paired with Frank with having a less than desirable prom date.

The Office
Oh my God, how devastating about Jim and Karen. Poor Pam, though what’s Jim supposed to do? Wait around? I want to hate Karen but the only reason to hate her is because she’s dating Jim.

On another note, the actress who plays Karen is the daughter of Quincy Jones and actress Patty Lipton. And yet another, the guy who plays Dwight is so frigging hilarious.


  1. ANTM–B and I were saying the same thing, there is really NO ONE to root for. This season is the pits because of the lack of personalities. I will not watch the reruns of this season. I have the same feelings about PR3, although it was better than ANTM7. I think ANTM is showing its age.

    Top Chef–This season is really good esp. since they got rid of Billy Joel’s wife as host. Ugh! I don’t have a favorite just yet. Marcel is jerk and Mike is a disaster, but they’re good TV!

  2. What’s really kind of sad is that now I really like this new girl. I now think that Pam sucks. After all, Jim made a Grand Gesture and Pam turned her back on him. The new girl is smart enough to see that Jim is terrific so she’s swooping in. Boy, I’m so fickle.

  3. i love melrose! i don’t know why, it just seems like the other girls are so jealous of her. but yeah, jaeda had to go; she did not stop whining about that hair for one fricking minute, and yet she had really ugly hair before the cut.