Cosmetics are my crack

A few weeks ago, I received some free samples of Cellcosmet cosmetics from Saks Fifth Avenue. Now I’m addicted.

What I got were the Anti-Stress Mask, the Concentrated Night cream, and the Preventive Day cream, and I loved them all. Cellcosmet is an anti-aging line from Switzerland, and indeed after using the products, my face seemed smoother and less wrinkly.

I wrote earlier that I went to Sak’s to check out the products – and prices – in person. Everything was very expensive. $115 for the mask, $255 for the night cream, and $195 for the day, and yet I was still considering buying, if not all, then at least one of the items.

“It’s like drugs,” I told the salespeople. “You get some free samples, and then you’re addicted.”

They weren’t amused. “It’s your skin,” one said. “It’s important.”

Oh, lighten up.

Although I didn’t buy anything, I walked away with more free samples, including the Activator Gel, which does something or another to your face so that your other products work better. And you know what? I think it works.

It certainly feels damned good, all cool and tingly, and I noticed after the couple of times I used it that my skin looked smoother, tighter, and more even.

It seems more economical to me to pay $95 for something that will make my other, cheaper products work better than to plop down up to $300 for one alternative product.


  1. omg, i can’t go into these stores; i end up buying tons more than i actually need. the stores where they have a mirror running the entire length of the wall with beautiful lighting and every piece of gel/eyeliner/cleanser available for you to try … those are the worst.

  2. I think I would have just stared at the salesperson who said “It’s your face, it’s important”.

    Dude, chill out.

    Although Clinique is far from being the most expensive, I enjoy the ritual of cleaning my face, using the toner and putting on the lovely lotion.

    Funny how one little purchase can make you want more, eh? I totally get your logic on the whole, buy one thing to make the rest of your cheaper stuff work well.

  3. Wow! the prices are exorbitant but it it works, then it’s worth having that hole in the pocket. Too bad, this is not available in Asia, not that I’m aware of.

  4. i actually went over to saks today and boy it was crazy. thought they were giving away freebies. i stopped by this cell cosmet counter and had this guy helping me. i thought after reading the post theyd be weird but he was so cute and nice.
    this stuff is not cheap, but ive tried kanebo and la prairie and at 29–my face feels old. He told me that it wqas natural to feel that way but assured me I looked great. :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they have this special offer where they have this big red bag with all the rpoducts that cost like $700 for $395–so I …..
    GOT IT!!
    hey that wasnt bad i thougt. it came with this activate gel that ive been reading about and a gel cleanser and this eye cream which felt really good to help my puffy and darkness and this silk creme. vital something…
    all and all he massaged my neck and i felt so good but this plasma he called cost $500–so i asked for samples.
    all and all i felt like i got a deal and even mailed one to my mom in Hong Kong–they shipped!!
    he also signed me up for this waiting list for this super facial wich some doctor flies in to give 2 hour facials in january. so cant wait. i need to look young!!!!!!
    the line looks cool and actually feels good. tonite is nite 1!!
    i also bought this armani lipstick he recommended and some fekkai hair stuff.
    2007 is my year!!! FIFIFIFIFIFIF

  5. fifi fiona: the sales people i dealt with were also very nice; they just didn’t like my beauty products = drugs joke. ;)

    glad you are liking the products. they called me about that big red bag bonus as well. i wasn’t going to splurge beyond the activator gel, but i may be receiving an unexpected gift (read: cash!) so now i may also fo for the preventive day cream and anti-stress mask.