A writer without a desk

I’m thinking about getting this desk.

For the past year and a half that I’ve been living in my apartment, I’ve had no desk, just a coffee table, which isn’t really conducive to long hours in front of my laptop. Either I sit on the floor or pile up books to make my laptop high enough for me to reach from my couch. Neither position is comfortable; both end up hurting my neck, shoulders, and upper back.

I’d have to get rid of a bookcase and move my dressers around, but that’s okay. I have 3 bookcases, two big ones that are nice and a smaller one that I bought unfinished almost 10 years ago. It’s the smaller one I’d toss. I feel like I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it.

As for the stuff in the bookcase, it’s not organized well. It’s sort of my place for dumping stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere. Getting rid of it will force me to organize things better and throw out stuff I don’t need, like my cassette tapes from the late ’80s and early ’90s. I long ago bought CDs to replace the ones I really like, and I doubt that Madonna’s True Blue is a collector’s item.

I’m excited about having an actual desk. I already have a chair, which is just acting as a coat rack right now. Getting the desk home will be a challenge. Since I don’t have a doorman and don’t want to take a day off work, I can’t have it delivered. So I’ll have to cab it. Luckily Crate & Barrel isn’t far from where I live.


  1. Obviously C&B wouldn’t sell something that could fall, but I’d be nervous about having a ‘leaning’ desk. It’s really neat, though.

    I trust it. :)

  2. Darn… I hate typos.

    I thought about this desk when I didn’t have an extra space but never bought it. It seems like a nice option. Maybe it has a fastening bracket for safety.

    You might also want to consider checking sites like Craigslist.org if you’re okay with “used” furniture. I’ve seen these shelves posted sometimes. Does Pottery Barn or Ikea carry something similar?

  3. That’s a fabulous desk but, um, seems like it looks best with at least one flanking matching bookshelf.
    Though the C&B website doesn’t provide the size of the pacakge (like the way IKEA does!), it looks like it might be poles but otherwise not very heavy. Before seeing the site, I was worried you having to navigate back home with a clunker of a desk!

  4. Wow. After living in California for 13 years, just looking at this desk gives me the earthquake willies.

  5. hemlock: yeah, i’m gonna go look at it in person and see how sturdy it is.

    pandax: pottery barn or ikea probably does have something similar, but i feel too lazy to check them out. ;)

    wyn: you’re right that it probably does look better with the bookcases, but i can live with the sparse look. there is a more substantial, more expensive slanted desk, which i’m considering, depending on how they look in person.

    it *will* probably be a pain to bring the desk home, even unassembled, but what can you do.

    greg: you’ve been in california for 13 years? damn, now i feel old.

  6. That is a very cool looking desk. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Of course, I would probably keep knocking it over.bo