I bought the desk!

Last night I walked over to Crate & Barrel and checked out the desk in person. It’s quite sturdy and heavy, difficult to knock down unless I went on a drunken rampage.

It’s so sturdy and heavy in fact that I wasn’t able to bring it home last night. It comes in two large boxes, which a cab might or might not have taken, and which I might or might not have been able to drag up three flights of stairs.

So I splurged for the $15 delivery charge. Taking the desk back myself would have cost me about $10 for the cab, plus a hernia. And unlike UPS or FedEx, C&B can deliver at off-hours, like tonight between 7 and 10.

Last night I surprised myself by being extremely un-lazy and:

1) making room in the one large storage bin I have by tossing my cassette tapes

2) emptying the bookcase I’m getting rid of, stashing my CDs in said storage bin, putting books and notebooks where there’s room in one of my large bookcases, and setting aside things for my desk

3) cleaning the floor where the bookcase once was

4) cleaning both my dressers, the floors beneath them (dust bunnies? more like dust hyenas – Haha, Anna! they laughed. You’re all sneezy!), and moving them to their new places.

Now the space is all ready for my new piece of furniture. Hopefully I can put it together on the first try.


  1. Maybe during those drunken rages, you could put some bright yellow caution tape around your desk to prevent any catastrophes!

    Glad it worked out for you.

    Good work on cleaning out your place a bit too. That always feels good. We seriously need to do that.

  2. $15 is totally worth paying for three flights of stairs! If you asked a friend you end up spending that much taking them out for a drink.

    Can’t wait to read the results of your new found writing space.

  3. i didn’t know c&b delivers after hours! that’s pretty sweet; definitely worth it!