Mindless drivel

I’ve had a good amount of both social and quiet time this week.

Wednesday night I had dinner with PL at her parents’ restaurant on the Upper West Side, which was fun, both to catch up and because I’d never been there before.

Friday night I met up with YP. We went to his friend’s improv group, which opened for another one. As with improv, sometimes it’s kinda funny and sometimes it’s really not. In college I went to at least one performance, and I remember it being hilarious. Was that particular group funnier, or was I more forgiving? Probably the latter.

Yesterday morning I wrote a tiny bit and wasted a lot of time playing this game Jayfish posted about (damn you, Jayfish!). I did manage to get out of the house and 1) pick up a movie for later, 2) check out frames at Pier 1 (limited selection), and 3) check out the Design Life Now, National Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Number 3 was pretty cool, though you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a hipster art student.

While I was out freezing my butt off, SB called and invited me over for dinner, a pleasant surprise. We ordered in some Mexican – I completely pigged out on Mexican potato skins which were so very good – and gave Ellie a bath.

That little girl has a stubborn streak in her. For some reason, she hates having her diaper changed, but when SB and I put it that she was teaching me how to change her diaper, she was all for it. Ditto the bath.

I left around 8:30 since I still had Little Miss Sunshine to watch. I quite loved it, one of those “small” movies that packs a lot. Funny, deep, moving, all that stuff. Plus all the actors were really good.

“Do what you love,” one of the characters, Dwayne, says. “Fuck the rest.”

Today the plan is to run some errands and try to see The Departed. I have this idea that I want to see as many Oscar nominated movies before the awards. I haven’t done that for years.


  1. haha!! exactly what i wanted…

  2. so … are velocious arcing expired felines the definitive measure of hipster artist density? Who came up the idea of using a dead CAT? Why not a dead skunk or raccoon?

  3. That movie is on my list. Kida are a riot that way. It’s all about manipulation.