The cold, the Departed, and a secret

My lips are so very chapped. That’s what happens when it’s 10 degrees outside and the heat is blasting inside.

Sunday went as planned. I ran a couple of errands before seeing The Departed. Excellent though the ending is a little crazy. And I agree with ES: Leonardo DiCaprio is so frigging hot in this film. I’ve never been into Leo before but this movie changed my mind.

Matt Damon is very good too. He really made me hate his character. Last night, just to share, I had a beautiful and delicious falafel “chef’s salad”:

365 days of dinner, day 32: falafel chef's salad

Yesterday was quite a vegetarian day for me: toast and cheese for breafkast, lentil soup for lunch, yogurt and almonds for an afternoon snack, then the falafel salad. I think it was my body’s way of saying, “Cleanse me!” after a weekend of eating badly (read: Mexican potato skins and lots of movie popcorn).

I have a secret to tell: I’ve started online dating again. It’s been more than two weeks, and recently someone actually wrote to me – well, 2 people did, but one I don’t find attractive. The other has potential.

I’m so skeeved when super old guys look at my ad (I set my account so that only guys who fit my “preferences” can contact me). The oldest so far? 60. YUCK-O-RAMA. I really really really don’t want to date a guy old enough to be my dad.

Also, “winks” are so stupid. If you don’t know, a wink is a way to show you’re interested without spending the two cents or whatever it is to send an actual message. And the thing with winking is, you can’t wink back. YOU have to spend the points to write to the winker. Like I’d even bother.


  1. Hehe, weekends are just horrible but shouldn’t make a dent in your figure if you’re disciplined (and you are) to be good again when the week starts.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that this is a great guy for you. =)

  2. Eww, what is the 60-year-old thinking? Well, I guess that’s good if you’re aiming for a sugar daddy right?

    That’s cool you can only accept people who fit your preferences. Of course, some people I know would say that that’s not being very open-minded. ;)

    I hope you have fun with the dating.

  3. Love the food on this blog. Also thank you for not referring to 40 as super old

  4. thanks, wyn!

    pandax: i’m guessing the 60-year olds have some sort of fetish. double yuck!

    r42k: 40 is definitely not old! {she says adamantly 2 months before her 35th birthday).

  5. Your post gave me a craving for a felafel salad. Good luck with online dating and fending off creepy sixty-somethings.

  6. I had a close to 60 year old once respond to an ad of mine (this was when I was still in my 20’s) I wrote him back and asked if he perhaps knew my father from college. He didn’t write back.
    Gross old men.

  7. 60 is too old to be trolling for 34 year olds, unless it’s a trophy wife thing.

    mmmm, falafel…

  8. And I have to say that I agree with you. Winks are stupid and lame. If someone’s interested, he should be able to write you a note. But the anthropologist sounds promising. Good luck!

  9. Trust me: Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be the new Jack Nicholson. And by that I mean balding and wrinkled.

  10. zydeco fish: that’s pretty damned funny.

  11. Those winks would piss me right off too. Especially if from someone old enough to be my dad.

    Thinking good thoughts for you! :)