So we had our second date

Yes, already.

He called yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to grab a coffee (he had a class to teach later on that night). I immediately said yes, though afterwards I wondered if I were being too eager and should have been playing harder to get. Then I thought, Screw it, I just want to see him and that’s that.

So we had coffee – cocoa for me – and talked and walked. He told me he was worried that he was being too pushy, calling me for another date so soon, and I told him the above, and we were happy to see we feel the same way about the suckitude of games.

I feel like I’ve known him a long time. It’s very very very weird.


  1. how about instead of weird, it’s wonderful?

    and yay! for not playing games!

  2. Very exciting Anna! Glad you’re having fun with it. No pressure, just enjoy!

  3. Cool! So nice that you met an honest guy. So wait… does this mean you *also* have a date with him today or did the coffee replace today?

  4. Great to hear.

    Much deserved! Enjoy!

  5. Excellent. Good vibes on this thus far.

  6. thanks everyone once again for your well wishes.

    pandax: coffee was in addition to yesterday’s valentine’s day date.

  7. That is so effing sweet. I am going to go somewhere and cry.