My boyfriend is Keanu Reeves, and we’re hanging out with another couple who isn’t as stable as me and Keanu.

We’re in what seems to be a living room with a pool. For some reason the couple wants to take turns diving to the bottom of the pool while holding a wind up clock. Whomever can wind the clock before resurfacing is the winner.

Keanu and I do fine. When I resurface, he helps me out of the water, and vice versa. But the woman of the other couple doesn’t resurface. Concerned, we question the man, who seems unconcerned. He shrugs as though this – the losing of a significant other at the bottom of a pool – were part of the territory.

Keanu and I are cuddling when a group of children appear. We know one of the children is ours but we’re not sure which. Then a little girl, who looks somewhat Asian but fair-haired with green eyes, crawls over to us, and we know she’s ours. I take her in my arms while Keanu hovers.

Hmm, this makes me feel sad now though during the dream and when I woke I didn’t. I felt hopeful and secure. Maybe my dreaming brain is smarter than my waking one.


  1. Maybe your waking brain was charmed by the concept of hanging out at the pool with your boyfriend, Keanu. Great dream! (Though I can see why it would make you feel sad in hindsight.)

  2. Give me my Keanu back! He’s MINE, ALL MINE.

    You remembered a lot, did you write it down when you woke up?

  3. sitcomgirl: haha. ok you keep keanu, i’ll take clive owen.

    i didn’t write it down when i woke up, but i did lie there thinking about it. the act of writing helps to bring back details too.

  4. oh geez. keanu?? you can do SO much better than that!