Stop looking at me!

Last week a slew of people moved onto our floor. Before this, more than half our offices were empty, which is bad because that meant people have been abandoning ship, but which is also good because it meant peace and quiet.

These new people are incredibly disruptive. I don’t know what it is. Maybe because there are 2 to an office, or because they seem to be constantly walking around rather than sitting in front of their computers or in meetings all day like the rest of us.

But mostly, they stare. What the fuck! Every single time one of them walks by my office, they have to look in. If they go to the office next to mine, first they have to look in mine, AT ME. Yes? What? Can I help you off a cliff? A glance is understandable, but not a full-on peasant stare.

Yesterday I closed my door, leaving it a crack open for colleagues, and one of the new people actually PEEKED IN THE CRACK! I mean, he didn’t put his face right up to it, but I could see him from half a foot away, looking in.


I hate them, I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

Okay, now I’m sounding a bit insane.

And THEN, the other day I ended up in the elevator with one of them, a woman, who frigging looked me UP AND DOWN. Like we’re in goddamned junior high or something. I stared straight ahead, clearly annoyed, and when I got off the elevator, she said, “Have a nice day!”

Okay, so you’re trying to be friendly in your no-social-skills sort of way. You don’t frigging give someone the up-and-downs if you’re trying to be friendly. You smile, you say hello, you make some random comment about the weather (“How ’bout all that rain?”).

Even when our floor was at capacity, it wasn’t this annoying. Supposedly we’ll be moving to another building next month. God willing.


  1. you should be looking them up and down as well.

    …or giving them the finger.

  2. I’m sorry, that post totally made me laugh. Cause I would think all the things you think, but never be willing to admit it :)

  3. They sound like aliens. Don’t trust them