People just can’t follow directions

So since putting up my new “requirements” in my online ad, including that I hate winkers, I’ve gotten two winks. One from someone who is primarily looking for Asian woman, despite my “no Asian fetishists” request, and the other from a 59-year old, totally old enough to be my dad.

And I think I’ve set an all-time record for oldest frigging fogey to look at my ad: 65. Yes, 65. There was also some 57-year old guy in China. Yes, you’re a catch. Old and looking for a green card.

How delusional are these people? Do they not realize there are plenty of yummy guys much closer to my own age out there? A few even looked at my ad. Of course whether or not they contact me is another story.

How is it that I’m mean in my ad and these idiots are still contacting me? Do I have to title my headline, “You’re a bastard and I hate you”?

That would probably bring in a much weirder crowd.


  1. i’ve had the same experience. i have specified no souvenir collectors/jungle feverists/token hounds and still i would get note after note from white guys looking for a taste of chocolate. um, ew?

    you break the fogey record! my oldest was 58 and when i opened his note and saw his pic, the only thing i could say was “are you kidding me?”

    jeez. if you use the “you’re a bastard and i hate you” line, you’ll defintely attract the type of guy who’s into humiliation and submission. lol

  2. Most men are delusional. Trust me.

  3. yeah, i got a guy in texas who wanted to “date” me. whatever, did you not read my 10 mile radius?
    and the guy who called me princess in his email to me and then got mad that i wouldn’t date him.
    and the 55 year old that lived 50 miles away.

  4. You’re assuming these men actually read your profile. Big assumption.

  5. jay bee: “um ew” is definitley right! and i’m not into the humiliation/submission guys, at least not right now. ;)

    zydeco: you’d think i’d learn by now.

    zerodoll: that’s unbelievable! i think email and being online make people feel they can take more liberties.

    greg: very true. hence the possible, “you’re a bastard” headline. ;)