A few weekend highlights

Getting Out
Saturday morning, instead of staying in and writing, I camped out with coffee and a bagel at an outdoor table at a deli nearby. Later while I ran errands, I took my notebook with me, stopping and writing whenever I took a break or grabbed another coffee.

Also hit Central Park where I wrote near the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, and the Frick museum, writing in the beautiful covered garden. A nice change from being cooped up all day.

Happy Mother’s Day – Not!
Okay, so it was Mother’s Day weekend. But Mother’s Day is not like the New Year; it’s not applicable to everyone and so you shouldn’t go around saying, “Have a happy Mother’s Day!” to every female of child-bearing age. You don’t know anything about that person.

Maybe she 1) doesn’t have kids by choice; 2) wants to have kids and has been trying for years and just can’t; 3) is barren; 4) had a miscarriage; or 5) like yours truly, is so far from possible motherhood that she might as well be a 12-year old boy. Think, people, think!

An Especially Weird Fetishy Encounter
So I was standing on the subway platform Sunday morning, minding my own business. Suddenly this white guy, maybe in his 50s or 60s, tiny with crazy gray hair and chewing on a toothpick, came up out nowhere.

“June-ko?” he said to me, making me jump 10 feet.

Assuming he was talking in some made-up Asian language, I ignored him.

“June-ko?” he said again, coming closer. “June-ko? June-ko? June-ko?”

What the fuck, motherfucker? I moved away.

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “You’re not June-ko.”

Gee, ya think? After saying it five times and my not responding? And I’m sorry but “June-ko” doesn’t sound like a real Asian name to me.

The Weather
It’s been gorgeous out! I prefer it on the cool side. Now if only it’d stay this way for the whole summer.


  1. “What the fuck, motherfucker?” — that’s awesome, very genteel, LOL XD

    Since “asian fetish” came up in the last three posts, I just have a quick question for you and your readers also. Is it still considered “asian fetish” for an asian guy to prefer asian girls? In the eyes of asian women, do asian men get some exemption from this label or are we also categorized with the negative connotations of white guys with “yellow fever”. May be a stupid questions, but just curious.

  2. yes, i’m a lady. :)

    that’s funny you should ask. in my real profile, i exempt asian guys from this, saying, “unless of course you’re asian.”

    i think part of having a race fetish is holding some sort of power over that other person, ie, a white person over a person of color. it’s the objectification of that person of color based on race so in other words, an asian woman becomes a treasured thing by a white man, rather than a person of equal value.

    an asian can’t really fetishize another asian because they’re on the same level of power, unless you’re in an english speaking country and one of you doesn’t have a firm grasp of the english language.

    it all depends on the basis of the relationship of course. if it’s based on real feelings about that specific person and not what his or her race, nationality, or ethnicity represents to the other person, i’d say that sounds pretty equal, regardless of color.

  3. I think that Junko is a Japanese name (I think there’s a Japanese woman singer named Junko…) But if he thought you were Japanese, he’s still pretty clueless.

  4. Thanks for the laugh re: June-ko.