Blah about dating

So I’ve been in correspondence with this one guy. He seems decent though so far there’s no wow factor. I know it’s hard to tell from a profile and a few emails, but I’m already bored.

Either a) he’s just not doing it for me, or b) I’m not as ready as I thought. Either way probably means a no go with this guy.

Work has been a challenge lately. There was restructuring and so I have a new boss who has, let’s say, a very different style than my old boss, who I really liked. Let’s just say now there are no simple answers; everything requires further investigation and at least 2 meetings. Blech.

I’m looking for other positions in the company and so far none fitting me have come up. Guess I’ll have to stick it out for a while longer.

Surprisingly though I don’t feel depressed. Maybe a bit stressed about work but that comes and goes. And also keeps me too busy to feel lonely. Or maybe I’ve started to get over my loneliness over H.

I’m in dire need of a haircut but my hairdresser got a job working a movie and won’t be back till June 5. I made an appointment with someone else for today, but am thinking about canceling. I’m very particular about my hair.


  1. I would recommend getting a haircut from Kelly at Top Cut in Chinatown – 212 219 0728. It’s relatively inexpensive and she does a great job (I send all my friends to her and they always become regulars). And you get a nice head rub beforehand, which is nice. Take care.

  2. thanks for the rec, but i’ve had bad experiences with asian haircutters since i don’t have typical asian hair. it took me about 2 years and many bad haircuts to find mario so i’m sticking with him.

  3. i cut my own hair. you should try it?