Nothing much to report

Except that I’m oh so very tired.

Monday night I took the red eye back to New York. Unlike the first leg of my trip, this one left early and got in early. Unfortunately, the bags took for-EV-er to arrive. I was at baggage claim at 6:15 AM, but didn’t get to leave till 7.

At home I crashed till about 12:30. That, in combination with my having become accustomed to Pacific time, meant I didn’t go to sleep that night till after 1. Then up at 7.

Not bad, but while last night I drifted off at 10:30, I woke up at 4, started thinking about work, then couldn’t sleep anymore. At least I got a lot of personal stuff done at home before I left – polishing my resume, working on a short story – as well as actual work stuff this morning.

I’ve been craving salty foods and have been totally going overboard. Between all the miso soup, crunchy Asian snacks, and sausage this morning, my mouth is a pickle.

I applied for a few positions here at my company. Wait and see. Also yesterday an agency person approached me about applying for a job. That’s appealing because we’ve done so much work with that agency, and I really like the person who approached me. But it’s in New Jersey so the commute might be a pain. Then again, a lot of their clients are in New York.

I’m back and forth about what I want to do. While I do think another corporate job wouldn’t be that different from my current one, at least the people would be different. That’s the real kicker.

For the long-term I’m exploring a variety of options. The freelance writing/travel thing, the library science thing (why, I’m not even sure). In August a school here is having an open house about their program so I can see if it’s even something I want to do.

Next week I’m meeting up with the daughter of my parents’ friends. I believe she’s a freelance journalist. She *was* an attorney, but then she got divorced, said screw it all, and pursued her real dream.

Her parents aren’t happy but who cares. It’s not like they’re supporting her financially. They’re just worried since freelancing is less “stable” than a corporate job. But what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like she has kids to feed. And she could probably find another corporate job if need be.

I’m really looking forward to speaking with her. Makes me feel like I’m actually doing something about my writing, beyond just, well, writing.

I’ve been so occupied these past couple of weeks, I’ve hardly thought about H. He’s reactivated his online ad. I went in to find email messages from DK (fodder for an essay) and noticed. I was surprised that it didn’t bother me. I mean, why should it? I went on a dating site too (for a split second anyway).

Poor guy. He won’t find anyone else as cool as me. ;)


  1. No doubt about it — H. won’t find anyone as cool as you. =)

    I have this interest in people who have the courage to make a huge change in their lives like your parents’ friends’ daughter and possibly what you contemplate in your future. A tech as I might appear, apparently I resist change.

  2. There is no way he’ll find someone as cool as you… but we’re biased, right?

    I think it’s great that you’re meeting up with the divorced freelancer. Perhaps it will give you clarification on what you want to do! :) Here’s hoping anyway!

  3. What does DK want? And maybe it’s good H is looking, when he sees what’s out there, he will be sad and kick himself for losing you :)

  4. Go for a run and sort out the job thing. As for the freelance friend, why can’t the parents be happy that they have a job that makes them happy? It isn’t all about money.

  5. sitcomgirl: i was looking for old emails from DK from when we first met. like a smart girl, i deleted all of them. ;)

    r42k: i wish i could figure out the job thing in a run! :) i’ve had several so far and i’m still not sure. it will probably have to take my jumping in and actually trying something new to know for sure.

    yes, i have a very hard time understanding how parents would rather have their adult children be safe yet miserable, rather than happy and adventurous.