Isn’t it ironic

As I write like crazy for submission to online and other publications, I can’t think of anything to write for this blog, except to complain that:

It’s noisy as my office windows are being worked on. Okay, at least I have an office. And a window.

It’s too hot.

The journalist daughter of my parents’ friends is beginning to annoy me. I wrote to her last week, and she suggested meeting up Thursday or Friday this week. I said, okay Thursday night, and wrote today to confirm. She wrote back, “Sorry Anna May, things have been crazed. Tomorrow night? Did we set something up? It’s doable, although I have a dinner from 6:30-9:30. What did you have in mind?”

Um, what I had in mind was our whole email conversation.

I hate it when people use their “crazy lives” as an excuse for disorganization and forgetfulness. Still, I know she’s doing me a favor so I nicely suggested tomorrow afternoon instead, if that would be easier for her. Sorry to be a nerd, but I don’t feel like schlepping out at 9:30 when I have to get up early for work tomorrow.

If the chat doesn’t work out with her, I’m not going to sweat it. There are other writers I can talk to.

But I’m not all about the complaints (really, I’m not!). This week I’m happy that:

Work has been pretty quiet (knock wood). My boss is caught up in this other project and has pretty much been leaving me alone. Except tomorrow morning we have a catch-up meeting, which usually opens the floodgates for lots of unnecessary work.

I’m home this weekend. I love traveling and visiting friends and family, but I also love having the balance of time at home. Plus my apartment needs a good scrubbing.

ES invited me up to Boston next weekend. More traveling, woohoo!

My 1 PM meeting just got canceled. Double woohoo!

Now if I’d just win the lottery. Though I guess I should start to play first. Details, details.


  1. You can’t win if you don’t play, as the ads say up here. It’s about time I bought a lottery ticket. I think I want to buy an island in Micronesia.

  2. Hopefully next weekend will be nicer up here than this week has been!
    And yeay for work being quiet and being left alone by the boss :)

  3. I agree, it’s so pretentious to say your life is crazy (= “I have a life”?). Possibly she knows why her parents want you two to meet. =D Let her wait.