Crushing on the wild man

I have to admit, I’ve started watching Man vs Wild, in which this guy Bear – his real name? who knows – gets set down in the middle of nowhere with no provisions and must survive on his own. In past episodes he’s eaten sheep eyeball, maggots, snakes, and has even squeezed the liquid out of elephant dung – into his mouth (don’t ask).

But my favorite clip so far is the above in which he’s in the Swiss Alps and demonstrates how to survive a fall into icy water. First, after pulling oneself out, one must remove all of one’s cold, sopping clothing, including one’s Union Jack underpants, and then do naked push ups in the snow. Hot.

Hmm, how many months since my last date?

~ ~ ~

Last night YP and I had a drink at a gay bar, but for some reason I kept forgetting it was a gay bar and kept making eyes at a variety of non-straight men. Usually, I’m quite aware of my surroundings. Maybe it’s cuz the last time I went out drinking was at a variety of heterosexual establishments with my brother and his girl. Or maybe cuz I was hammered.

Apparently it takes just one and a half gin and tonics to get me this way. True, the drinks were gasoline strong, but I had a bellyful of David Burke’s chili and pasta to soak it all up.

Needless to say, this morning I had some trouble getting up. Hopefully I’ll be able to get at least some writing done, but I’ve a feeling it’ll be a mostly sitting around the Park and reading kind of day. I may or may not check out the fireworks. Depends on if I’m feeling hearty enough to stand the crowds.

Oh yeah: happy fourth of July. What better way to celebrate than to post a a video with a nekkid British guy hanging up his Union Jack skivvies?


  1. Haha, that clip is SO funny! Guy reminds me of Christian Bale – I don’t know how he looks beyond the YouTube clip I just saw.

  2. that’s a really good comparison! he does remind me of a hyperactive christian bale.

  3. that was terrible, in a good way. i held my breath the entire time, of course not realizing it until i exhaled when he made it to the fire.

    he’s hot. in a crazy, white-guys-do-the-dumbest-shit-for-tv kind of way…

  4. We have show up here in Canada that is similar called Survivorman. I contrast him to the idiots on survivor.

    Flirting with gay guys. Only you!

  5. jay bee: i think bear’s totally hot! too ADD though.

    r42k: i’ve seen survivorman as well. he seems a bit calmer than bear.

  6. What a great clip! Reminds me of this Val Kilmer movie where he also has to get warmed up from a fall in icy water the naked way. Woo hoo!Makes me want to build an icy pond in front of my house!

  7. I watched 2 episodes of his show last weekend! I had never seen it before, but it was probably like 1am and it was on and the company I was with, well of course wanted to watch it. I don’t understand what possesses people to do things like that, why is it a good idea to get dropped on a glacier (pronounced glassyer)and find your way to some sort of village? Give me a Hyatt anyday.

  8. jay: thanks for visiting! i’d totally dig any icy pond in my front yard if that meant a naked bear or val kilmer – and if i had a front yard.

    sitcomgirl: i was thinking that too! he didn’t HAVE to jump in that icy water! then again, he’s getting paid for it and we get to see him au natural.