The blogging blahs

I’ve been kinda busy, but I don’t feel there’s much to write about.

Monday night I couldn’t sleep for some reason. Got into bed at 10:30 but then was wide awake. After about 45 minutes, I said screw it, got up, and watched the new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show. Shanghai, China. Of course it made me really hungry. By the time I fell asleep it was 1. :(

Tuesday night I saw Hairspray with YP. It was very entertaining. At first I thought it was such a dumb idea – a movie based on a musical based on a movie. Yeah, yeah, The Producers was done that way too, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. But I thoroughly enjoyed the new Hairspray.

It was funny cuz when I got home, the original version was on TV. It was interesting to see how much darker, sexier, and more tasteless it is in comparison.

Wednesday morning I had my *fifth* interview for the position I started interviewing for last week. It was with the coworker I disliked, but she was perfectly pleasant during our talk. We spent more time gossiping about old colleagues than actually interviewing. I should find out tomorrow.

That afternoon I finally worked out. I hadn’t since Sunday. Afterwards I was exhausted and starving, and so ended up picking up a burger and onion rings. Bad bad. Also finally got my laundry and dry cleaning, which have been languishing for weeks.

My dry cleaner, who is Chinese, will be going to Hong Kong for about 10 days. Her father died recently. I said I was sorry, and suddenly she was talking about it like crazy, how she almost didn’t see him before he died, how she was at his bedside when he passed, how his heart stopped, then started beating again for 10 minutes, enough time for all his children and grandchildren to gather.

I felt bad for her, but at the same time, my laundry stuff was really heavy, my burger was getting cold, and I had to pee in the worst way. But obviously she felt like talking.

Got another workout in just a little while ago. Tonight YP and I will be going to an En Vogue concert, the original line-up I believe. Tomorrow I have off. Woohoo! ES will be in town.

I’m so tired of this weather. The worst is getting ready in the morning. By the time I get dressed, I’m sweating bullets. Waiting in the subway station is especially bad. Can’t wait for chilly fall.

I guess I did have stuff to write about after all.


  1. Fifth interview sounds like it is going really well, good luck tomorrow!

  2. Wow, super interesting about the fifth interview. Hope things work out.

    I’ve had blogging blahs too. While things in real life are going on, I think “I should blog about this”, but then it seems like far more effort than I’m willing to give.

    Oh well.