Tempest in a teapot

So I think I’m pretty much over the job thing. I did tell my boss – which is our company policy – and now he seems very keen on trying to get me a promotion. If I got a promotion and a raise, I could probably stick it out for a couple of years while I get my MLS.

The news is all about the rain. On Wednesday I went into my subway station as usual and hopped on a train that was just sitting there. A few incomprehensible announcements later, the conductor finally said the 4/5/6 wasn’t running at all. Now you tell me. I went outside and caught a bus. Painless.

I didn’t really get why so many trains shut down. I kept thinking, It’s just raining, right? Am I missing something? I also had no idea there were tornadoes in Brooklyn. Crazy!

Today it rained again and it was all over the news. For God’s sake. Another painless commute for me.

Caught up with Top Chef last night. Too bad Sara got booted. She and Dale were so cute together! Howie came off like such an asshole. He just railed into Sara out of nowhere and for seemingly no reason, except to save his own ass. When she said goodbye to everyone, he did look sort of upset.

Wow, quite an unexciting post. Rain and TV.


  1. i know it totally could have been selective editing, but sara was a real deadweight on the last two shows. I thought chefs were supposed to be overbearing/domineering types and she wouldn’t last in a real kitchen if her personality is so wishy-washy. plus they had to keep howie for interest on the show!

  2. yes, i have to agree sara did seem slow at times. but i’m totally biased cuz she’s a sistah. ;)

    yeah yeah re: howie. i actually really liked him at first, and was happy when he won challenges. maybe the pressure’s getting to him.