There I go again asking for things while I’m unconscious

So the history prof sent me an email yesterday saying that while he was glad to have met me, he didn’t have time for “serious dating” right now.

Hmm, I must have blacked out during our second date since I don’t remember asking for that at all. Or even discussing anything remotely related.

It doesn’t matter anyway since I wasn’t that into him. Just cracks me up.

Very quiet today what with the upcoming 3-day weekend. Looking forward to a run this afternoon.


  1. congrats! you got what you wanted, and no one gets hurt or feels uncomfortable. let’s just hope he doesn’t ever find your blog…

  2. only confirms your suspicion that he was out for some play and not a real relationship!

  3. jay bee: i don’t think there’s any way he’d find my blog, unless that’s one of things i let slip while i was unconscious! ;)

    mini: totally!

  4. So apparently not going back to his place after dinner translates into “looking for husband material.” Lame. Good riddance.

  5. pandax: i second that notion!