Quickie update

So MB and I did end up seeing I Am Legend, though at midnight cuz all the other shows were sold out. While we were waiting in line, a fight broke out. What the – ?

I didn’t see anything, but according to MB, someone messed with this burly Russian guy’s girlfriend, and the burly Russian guy landed the harrasser with one punch. Next thing, the harrasser and three of his friends were on the Russian guy. Security didn’t show up for 10 or 15 minutes, and it was the Russian guy who was asked to leave.

Aside from that, the movie was good, though there were people who just wouldn’t shut up.

Saturday night we saw a revival of Army of Darkness. Very campy and fun to see in a theatre. Apparently that same theatre showed Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn over the summer. Wish I had seen it.

Lots of writing and hanging out with MB on Sunday.

I just realized that I haven’t bought any Christmas gifts, and Christmas is in a week. Crap! Time to get online.


  1. You just noticed now that you have done no Christmas shopping? How does something like that slip your mind?

  2. I can relate. It slipped my mind too.

  3. running42k: it helps to have no kids to buy for, as well as having a cute boyfriend to be distracted by. :)

    see, zydeco can relate and i betach he doesn’t even have a cute boyfriend. ;)

  4. OK, so what does “betach ” mean? I have no idea.

  5. oops, i meant “betcha,” as in “bet you.”