Gifts bought

Click, click, wine basket for dad. Click, click, coffee basket for mom. Throw the brother some cash and I’m done.

Of course this isn’t how it used to be. In the past, I’d kill myself looking for the perfect gifts for my in-laws. Comfy pajamas for my ailing MIL, a beautiful pen box for the FIL, whatever for the BIL and his snooty wife. I have to admit I was sort of competitive with them, and relished when one of my parents-in-law received a gift they always but never knew they wanted.

Now I don’t care.

I’ve been working on my memoir a lot, and the other day I was writing about these old family dynamics I dealt with, namely the competition/jealousy with my SIL, who cared very much about her appearance, wasn’t interested in being friends with me, and was somewhat favored by my in-laws.

Anyway, so I was writing about that while hanging out with MB at his place (he was working away at his projects), and I thought, How different my life is. Just a few years ago I was dealing with in-law bullshit, and now here I am hanging out with this beautiful boy, being creative and feeling loved and free.


Rough week at work. Too many meetings, annoying boss. Tomorrow should be relaxed. Then I’m off till Thursday. Woohoo! Five day weekend here I come.


  1. Enjoy the time off and Merry Christmas.

  2. That’s why I no longer go visit the Sisters-in-law :) And Peter’s mother takes cash and writes checks for the both of us. Super-easy!