2007: What I Learned

It’s that time again! But rather than do a month-by-month, as I’ve done in the past, this year I’ve decided to do a post on 32 things I learned. Why 32? Cuz that’s how many there are.

1) L.A. has awesome food and my cousin’s baby Mia is adorable.
2) New York has awesome food too
3) I love running (duh).
4) I like to procrastinate by writing about procrastination.
5) An awesome 8-hour date doesn’t necessarily lead to happily ever after.
6) I’m supposedly negative.
7) I’m no good at being positive.
8) I’m good at ranting about someone I hate.
9) I’m supposedly a worrier.
10) At the time I can be very positive about a breakup, and in retrospect I can recognize when someone has been projecting their anxiety onto me and making me feel like I’m the anxious, worried one, when I wasn’t before meeting said individual.
11) When someone answers, “Let’s just live in the moment,” to your question, “Are you dating anyone else?” it’s a red flag.
12) When someone tells you his ex was also Asian, and when you say it’s not a big deal, and he says, “Don’t repress your feelings,” it’s really him that has a problem with his ex also being Asian and not you.
13) When someone who is not drinking insists that you shouldn’t feel the need not to drink just because of him although you’ve told him a million times that you are allergic to alcohol, that it’s him who really wants a drink.
14) A man who NEVER lets you pay your half, at the same time complaining that he’s poor and after you’ve offered to pay, has a real problem.
15) Hindsight is 20/20.
16) Bastard.
17) 35 can be a really depressing birthday.
18) I like TV.
19) 35 is not too late for a career change.
20) Las Vegas sucks.
21) D.C. does not.
22) Bear Grylls rocks.
23) So does running in Central Park.
24) So does a steam pipe explosion in midtown, which I somehow don’t hear.
25) One fun date with a history professor also doesn’t mean happily ever after.
26) Library science is popular. Who knew?
27) Naked comedy doesn’t equate pretty, or even funny, comedy.
28) A first date in a dark bar is not a good idea.
29) A first date in a well-lit musem is.
30) Dressing up for Halloween can be fun as hell.
31) Seeing naked comedy can be even less fun than it was the first time.
32) It’s possible to find the right person.


  1. Great list! Funny how you remember those dating events… I think I’ve blocked those out of my mind.

    It shows how many changes you’ve had this year. They all look like they will lead into great things next year!

  2. hahaha, i laughed so hard at #12! happy new year! and congrats on finding the right person :)

  3. I like this synopsis… I particularly like #16.

    Happy 2008