Friday blathering

So I do feel better about work since learning about my promotion. Maybe I didn’t realize how not getting credit for the work I’ve already been doing has been getting me down. I was the most junior person on the team, and sort of felt like I was in a support role, which I don’t mind and kind of like actually, but there’s something to be said about feeling equal to everyone else.

I think I wrote about how I applied for a position below me. The salary would have been just a littler less, and almost the same with overtime. I didn’t think they’d contact me but they did. Oops. I’ll have to tell them there’s been a change. Now that the salary difference is more – and like I said, I’m finally getting the acknowledgement for my work – I don’t want to step down to a lower position.

Have had some late nights. MB is a total nightowl and I have picked up on his habits. Last night we rented Ratatouille. It was really good! And actually made me hungry, though we were both sorta grossed out by the idea of rats making dinner.

I have school orientation tomorrow. Only then will I know when my classes are. I can’t believe they don’t have the schedules online. And this is the school of library and information sciences? Hmmm.


  1. I’ve heard that Ratataouille is really good. I always have resistance to seeing ‘kids’ movies, but then I usually enjoy them. Huh.

    Watch that night owl stuff… ;)

  2. Jeeze, who knew I couldn’t spell?

    Wow. Everyone can spell ratatouille.